List of Publications

The list of publications includes more than 70 texts in Comparative Law, Public International Law, International Private Law, Business Law written in Russian, French, English and German and some of them translated in Italian and Czech

European Judicial Space, in Russian (Pravovedenie, Saint-Patersburg, 1990);

Court of Arbitration for Sport: Basic Matters of Organisation and Functioning, Treteysky Sud (Saint-Petersburg), 2005, N 1 (in Russian);

International Principle of Prohibition of Discrimination: Procedures and Mechanisms of International Organisations, Academia, Moscow, 2005, 188 pages (in Russian)

How effective is the "Immunity" from New Restrictions for Foreign Investors? East/West Executive Guide, (Concord, USA), 1994;

New Corporate Form in Russia, International Corporate Law (London, Th UK), 1994;

Taxation System of Russia: a Success Story? Intertax (Deventer, The Netherlands), 1994;

Important Changes in Export Regulation, East/West Executive Guide (Concord, USA), 1994;

Neue Richtlinien der russischen Steuerpolitik, Internationales Steuerrecht (Heidelberg, Germany), 1994;

Die Durchsetzung internationalen Vereinbarungen in den Subjekten der Russischen Föderation, Recht in Ost und West (Berlin, Germany), 1994;

Die Neuen Rechtsgrundlagen der Beziehungen zwischen der Russischen Föderation und der Republik Tatarstan,  Osteuropa Rech (Stuttgart, Germany) 1995;

The Legal and Institutional System of Regional Cooperation in the Post-Soviet Space: Fictions and Realities, Journal of Constitutional Law in Eastern and Central Europe (Den Bosch, The Netherlands), 1998;

Eurasian Institutional Arrangements: Emergence of New Alliances, The Federalist Debate (Torino, Italy), 2007


For representative recent publications, see below:

Article "Druges and Sports"

Article: "Current Issues of International Arbitration for Sports"

Article: "Certain Issues of International Rebuttal to Discrimiation"

Article: "Afterthoughts after the Decision of the Federal Court of Switzerland, of May 27, 2003"

Currently being published, review: "A Theory of Principles of Law, the Revival of a Forgotten Conception" (Review of Central and East European Law)

Article: Certain Analysis on the Priorities in Protecting International Law on the Right to Life

Article: Who is to Protect Our Athletes (in Russian)

Article: Court of Arbitration for Sports in Lucern (in Russian)

Letter to Russian Government - Social and Economic Context of the Solution of National Demographic Crisis: Few Proposals (in Russian) 

Certain Issues of Enhancing International Law Protection of the Human Rights (in Russian)

Standardization and International Law (in Russian)

European Juridical Space: Review of West European Concepts (in Russian)

Federalism in Russia (in English)

The Evolution of Constitutional Debates in Russia in 1992-1993 (in English)

Status of the Russian President (in French)
Le statut, les compétences et le mode d'élection du Président de la Fédération de Russie 

Federalism in Constitutional Debates in 1992-1993 (in English)

The Fundamental Right ti an Independent and Impartial Judge

How a German can enforce a judgment abroad? (in Russian)

Arbitration and Sport (Publication in Russian)
Recommended Lecture: What is a Crime Against Humanity?