Sergey A. Belyaev

Citizenship: Russia
Birth date: 17.01.1956

Professional experience at international organizations

Arbitrator, Court of Arbitration for Sport (Lausanne, European Arbitration and Conciliation Court (Versailles), German Institution of Arbitration (Cologne),  2004-at present 

Legal Officer, Experts’ Group, Monitoring Department, Directorate of Strategic Planning, Council of Europe, 2001, Strasbourg

Legal Officer, Office of the Council of Europe’s Commissioner for Human Rights, drafting legal expertise opinions, preparation of visits to Russia (Chechnya, Ingushetia, Ossetia), Georgia (Abkhasia), Moldova (Transnisria), Council of Europe, 2000-2001, Strasbourg

Legal Officer, Registry of the European Court of Human Rights, preparation of cases to examine by the Court, analysis of judge-made-law, comparative examination of judicial practice of Member States and International Judicial Bodies, Council of Europe, 1999-2000, Strasbourg

Lawyer-stagiaire, International Arbitration Court, International Chamber of Commerce, preparation of cases for the examination by arbitrators, studying of judicial and arbitral practice of the Court, 1995, Paris.

Professional experience as attorney and consultant

Teaching of specialized courses on International law at the Law Faculty of Moscow State University (International Center in Geneva).

Counsellor at law, Law Office Engelmann-Gorev-Drozd, drafting legal opinions, preparation of cases to plead, consultancy in International, European and Russian Economic and Business Law, Frankfurt am Main, Strasbourg, Moscow, 2002-at present (

Attorney and counsellor at law, Saint-Petersburg Bar Association, consultation in International and European law, Saint-Petersburg, Moscow,  1996 - 1998

Lawyer and Consultant, Law Office Hengeler, Mueller, Weitzel, Wirtz, consultancy in Russian Economic and Private International Law,  Frankfurt-am-Main, 1994

Professional experience at research and education institutions

Teaching of specialized courses on International law at the Law Faculty of Moscow State University (International Center in Geneva)

Visiting Fellow, Max Planck-Institute for Foreign Law and International Law, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Fellow, basic issues of public international and comparative law, Heidelberg, 1992-1993 and 1998-1999

Research Fellow, Institute of Europe, research in International and European Law to apply for transformation of national and inter-State institutions, Moscow, 1988-1990

Series of lectures at the University of Bundeswehr in Hamburg (1994), School of Political Education in Bonn-Brühl (1998), University Paris-X-Nanterre (1997), seminar at Center for Human Rights Teaching of the International Institute of Human Rights (Strasbourg, 2000)

Lectures at Universities and Institutes in Köln, Brussels, Bamberg, Stuttgart, Bordeaux, Tours, Nanterre, Strasbourg (1990-2000)