Participation at major academic events

Seminar of European Commission under the direction of Sir Leon Brittan "Reforms in Russia" (Brussels, 1994)

Conference The Transformation of the Nation State in Europe at the Dawn of the 21st Century, Commission for Democracy through Law (Venice Commission) and University of Nancy (6-8 November 1997), Nancy (France)

Workshop Judicial Independence and Incompatibilities of the Office of Judge with Other Activities, Commission for Democracy through Law (Venice Commission) and Constitutional Court of Kirghystan (20-21 April 1998) in Bishkek (Kirghyzstan)

1997 International Judicial Conference Court of Ultimate Appeal: Judicial Independence in Constitutional and Supreme Courts, (as observer), Center for Democracy (USA), 02 - 04 November 1997 in Strasbourg (France)

Studying visits

United Nations, New York (1990-1992), World Bank Group, Washington, D.C. (1992), European Development and Cooperation Bank, London (1995), UNESCO, Paris (1994), NATO (1991,1995)

Institutions of the EC and EU in Brussels, Luxembourg, Strasbourg (1992-1995): Council, European Commission, Court of Justice, European Investment Bank, Auditors Court; Robert Schumann Program at the European Parliament (1994)

National Institutions: National Assembly, Constitutional Council, Conseil d’Etat, Cour de Cassation, Ministry of Justice of the French Republic, Bundestag, Constitutional Court, Federal Supreme Court, Bundesbank of the Federal Republic of Germany (1992-1998)

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Amecrain Society of International Law

European Society of International Law

Association of International Arbitration

Salzburg Global Seminar,  Click  Here

21 Century Trust (London)

Equal Rights Trust (London)